Dollhouse Update – Floor Finished, Roof On.

I didn’t get much work done on the dollhouse over Thanksgiving.  Yesterday I started back to work.  I had to move things around back to the living room work area from the office.  I did more work on the fireplace and finished the first floor wood installation. The tile in the kitchen turned out to be too fine and exact for my mat knife so I extended the wood floor.  The fireplace is not going to sit in the middle of the room, I just wanted you to be able to see it. Still much to be done but I put some of the furnishings in to impress the family on thanksgiving.

Outside still needs windows, trim and shutters.
Roof on and first floor finished.
Small lantern on table to left was specially made by Mike. He is making a bigger one to hang from the ceiling.
The quilt on the bed still needs to be quilted.  The table is from my father’s English Leather aftershave long, long ago.
One of my granddaughters claimed this as her bed and added an acorn for a pillow.
The granddaughter also saw some tissue paper on my desk, tore some off and showed me how it
would make a good fire in the fireplace. Still need to finish the inside and the hearth.
Attic wallpaper = mini-newspapers, and another aftershave table and some future pie pans.

8 thoughts on “Dollhouse Update – Floor Finished, Roof On.

  1. The dollhouse looks wonderful. You are making good progess. I can't wait to see the finished project!

  2. This is such fun to watch. Your English Leather tables sent/scent such memories flowing through my brain. Did all fathers wear it or were we just lucky?

  3. My father used Old Spice sometimes too, as I recall but no dollhouse tables there.
    I just got the LED wiring and lights for the house!!

  4. I think you are just so clever, Kris! I love the after-shave tables. Am so curious, though, were they part of the original furnishings? Or have you just been saving them as sentimental items? (My dad was an Old Spice man.)
    Oh, and your granddaughter is a clever one, too- the tissue paper flames are a great idea. How nice she's helping out!

  5. The tables were part of the original furnishing but I do have a full bottle of English Leather that I found in his apt. after he died and I have that around here somewhere. Mine used Old Spice sometimes too.
    Kylett had several other great ideas too. When she gets back at Christmas time she'll be able to put them into action.

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