Dollhouse update – hardwood floor

I spent some time today cutting up several 12 X 12 inch self-stick “wood”vinyl tiles in to small strips and sticking them on the dollhouse living room floor.  Voila! A hardwood floor. I have a “ceramic” vinyl square for the kitchen. I should cut it up into different sized pieces and lay it our like our floor is, but I might leave it as one piece. I am going to panel one wall in the front room, so tomorrow I’ll cut longer pieces for that.

The roof is going up. The stairs are ready to go in. The plexiglass for the windows has to be cut and the molding that goes around them cut to size and painted. Shutters have to go up. A few interior walls and half walls need to go in. A few walls need to be painted, some touching up and then the furniture and curtains can go in.  I still have to make the dolls that will live there, a pleasant older couple with a bunch of children and grandchildren who live in a box and come out for birthdays and the holidays. Maybe someone will live in the attic.


7 thoughts on “Dollhouse update – hardwood floor

  1. Love your hardwood floor! Your list of the next part of the building process gave me a chuckle, just like a real house, but of course. (Must be that I have not had enough coffee this AM??)

    By the way, I also love the irony of your building your "home" on a box from a computer. The new and the old "crafts".

  2. Just loving the process of seeing this house become a home. Looking forward to seeing who moves in and the furniture they bring with them. Love all your ideas and details.

  3. You did a real good job laying out that floor! Wow! I have some work I need done on my house, do you think you could help me out? Just kidding 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. I only work on my own mini house! My husband and daughter did put a tile floor in the living/dining/kitchen in our real house. I am going to duplicate the pattern in the kitchen of the dollhouse.

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