Cleage Family Out for a Ride

I’m bringing this one back for Sepia Saturday this week because the theme has a car from about the same time period, give or take a year or two.  I think my grandmother is wearing the same type hat as the woman who is looking at the car. A later photograph of the same car has “Lexington” written across the back. You can see that one here The Lexington.

"Cleages with car"
Barbara, Albert Jr, Gladys, Anna, Mother Pearl and Father Albert about 1928.

My Aunt Gladys sends word by her daughter  that “It was a Lincoln, could fit all nine plus a dog or two,  the second row faced the back and the back row faced the front. she’s not sure where the photo was taken. It is big ain’t it! must be the precursor to the limo!  She doesn’t think it’s Bell Isle, and it’s not Athens(TN). She thinks it might be the Meadows, that’s the only place with the trees and all the grass. Barbara looks like a miniature flapper!

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22 thoughts on “Cleage Family Out for a Ride

  1. It looks like a pretty big car. Maybe there were three rows of seats. I will ask some who were there and report back. Also, you have to remember that there were no seatbelts or rules about how many could sit in the back seat. Three could sit in the front and as many as could squeeze in could sit in the back. I remember riding from Detroit to Idlewild (a 4 hour trip) in the 1950's sitting at least part of the way on the floor because there were so many people in the car.

  2. I like the girl on the left. She caught my eye right away. Great photo and BIG car! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think Gladys is holding a ball. She's pretty small to be holding a pumpkin that big under one arm!

  4. What a great photo! It is an amazingly large vehicle. It must have been fun to face each other in the back!

  5. That's such a nicely composed photo, with the family posed perfectly in front of the car and the pretty parklike setting.
    Nancy javier

  6. Interesting that it has a spare tyre but not on a wheel. I would not like to have had to change a tyre.
    A fine old car in which to travel; but how many of the kids asked, "Are we nearly there?"

  7. Oh my this is a great family photo…they were all very styling on their outing together! Very nice!

  8. There were three more boys between my father and the oldest girl so there were plenty to ask "Are we there yet."

  9. I like the idea of having two rows in the back seat facing each other. It's seems like it would be so much more fun for socializing, plus you could fit a dog in the middle.

  10. Such a great car for a crowd of folks! Imagine having to face the ones setting near you, indeed ala limo….

  11. Oh what a car and oh what a photograph : well worth bring back time and time again. And what poses they all adopt : proud people with so much to be proud about.

  12. That car and Half of the people in the photo are gone. Would be amazing if I were driving it now, eh?

  13. You'd sure make a bundle if you wanted, if you had this in your garage. But I think you'd look good in there, waiving to people as you drive by… Gotta find the right hat to wear though.

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