Dollhouse update

Sanded and spackled.
Roof and rafters.
Rafters notched and in place.

Hopefully it’ll get a coat or two of  paint tomorrow. Maybe Monday the floors will get done.  I’ve got to decide where the inside walls and the stairs will go.

A brass bed that I got this week because…

It looks like the brass bed that Poppy bought soon after he married.  He was, the story goes,  he was walking down the street when he saw a brothel being evicted and the belongings being set out on the street.  This wonderful brass bed was among the items and he bought it on the spot. Growing up we – sister and cousins – spent many happy hours playing in my grandfather’s room. We used to be able to slip between those brass bars at the foot of the bed.  My sister Pearl has the big bed now.  That’s my mini brass bed on the pillow.

6 thoughts on “Dollhouse update

  1. The last 2 photos and their story are wonderful! Not that the doll house isn't, but, those are REALLY wonderful!

  2. Carol, I agree. I need to do more on the brass bed. I'm beginning to think the post a blog post everyday is not working well for me. As I was getting ready to post that late last night I thought to myself that I should do something more with the bed but I HAD TO GET TODAY'S POST IN. Often it takes me a few days to gather thoughts and photos and write the story after I get the idea. I'm not getting that opportunity posting so much.

  3. Echoing Carol's words! Absolutely wonderful on so many levels.

    As to the posting – I can't imagine the post a day. Of course I can't imagine a post at all at this point, but even when I am blogging I prefer a slower pace. That said, I LOVE reading what you all put out there – daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes.

  4. Kris – the house is looking wonderful! And the brass bed story is amazing. I love that you found the little one for the dollhouse and I love that Pearl still has that bed. Family heirlooms that big often do not get passed down.

  5. ONLY YOU!!!
    Only you can come up with such stories!!
    A brass bed directly from a brothel…
    I might die laughing!!

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