Veteran’s Day – James E. Williams

James E. Williams. Coast Guard 1964. 

His brother, Harold, always calls my husband, James, on Veterans Day.  Harold said that it was a long time ago and the memories almost don’t bother him now. Almost.  Harold’s hands still bleed sometimes from the Agent Orange. Both agreed they’d take “Option B” if they had it to do over again.

3 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day – James E. Williams

  1. What an awful war that was, and it seems that everyone who fought in it still suffers in some way.

  2. I don't think the veterans of these wars fare any better either. We need to do more then thank them for their service.

  3. Option B being that we might have ended up being neighbors? That would have changed your history though… But I wouldn't have minded the company at all!!
    Have they been compensated [and treated] for these problems or is the whole issue brushed under the carpet?…

    Somehow I feel they don't get the proper respect they deserve. A quebecois soldier just recently went on a hunger strike to decry the unfair treatment soldiers get when in need of medical attention.

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