Ula Mae’s Uncle Lowndes Adams – Alabama & Detroit

This is my 4th year participating in the A-Z Challenge.  I am writing about people who were born into slavery and  lived to be free, and their descendants. Today I am going to write about my maternal grandfather’s friend Lowndes Adams. Lowndes parents were both born into slavery. He and his siblings were born free … Continue reading Ula Mae’s Uncle Lowndes Adams – Alabama & Detroit

K – Gabriella Snow KELLY

In 1918 and 1919 thirty-seven young women, friends and neighbors of my grandmother Fannie Mae Turner were members of the Edelweiss Club in Montgomery, Alabama. These are snapshots from their lives, place and times. Gabriella Snow Kelly was not a member of the Edelweiss Club. Her younger sister Alice Snow was. Both were teachers. Gabriella … Continue reading K – Gabriella Snow KELLY

The Land of Hope

The Land of Hope I’ve watched the trains as they disappearedBehind the clouds of smoke,Carrying the crowds of working men To the land of hope,Working hard on southern soil, Someone softly spoke;“Toil and toil, and toil and toil, And yet I’m always broke.”On the farms I’ve labored hard, And never missed a day;With wife and … Continue reading The Land of Hope

Those Left Behind

After reading the letters my grandfather’s friends wrote to him in Detroit from Montgomery, I wondered what happened to those he left behind.  Did they stay?   Did they leave?  I know that my grandparents never returned to Montgomery once they married  so I wondered if he ever saw any of them again.  I didn’t find … Continue reading Those Left Behind