24 thoughts on “Hugh Cleage Wrapped Up

    1. My uncles Hugh andLouis spent a lot of time in Idlewild and had a regular crew of friends that went with them. Sort of a male thing, although a couple of wives went too. It looks like Louis’ white shoe on the left side. Of course the rest of the family also spent time up there during the summer but they would go up and go skiing in the winter. Everything but hunting, I guess.

    1. It might even have been a cool summer night. Sometimes it was cool all summer. Could definitely have been fall. I remember light snow in late September.

  1. Such a great photo. I love those evenings when you’re all sitting outside, it’s freezing, but you’re all having such a good time, no-one wants to go home so the host has to go and get everyone jumpers/blankets 🙂

  2. Hugh looks very happy there. I msut admit it was the blanket design that first caught my eye and I was wondering what the link was with the photo prompt – until I noticed the bottles close at hand! A great fun photograph to match this week’s theme.

  3. Uncle Hugh looks very comfortable there, enjoying a convivial evening out in the fresh air.

  4. Wine, labels — you’ve got it! I’m with all the others, though — that blanket is just gorgeous; it steals the whole show, no question. And what a smile your Uncle Hugh has!

  5. As soon as I saw that blanket I thought “Whoa! I want that!” It reminds me of an old blanket I kept in the trunk of my car during college. It was there in case of when I drove to the Sierra’s to go skiing and had a breakdown my nice warm Indian blanket would help get me through the cold. And then my mother saw it, forgot she’d given it to me, and wanted it back. That’s the last I ever saw of it. Perhaps it’s in blanket heaven with your uncle’s gorgeous blanket.

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