Fannie Graham’s Journal Entries -1940

I published a longer post that included this information (without the actual pages) along with entries from my grandmother’s other journals  in 2010. I am only including information from 1940 this time.

Feb. 5, 1940
Dear God and Little Book: the mail has just brought us the long looked for letter from Wayne University and the Board of Education that Doris has received the yearly scholarship to Wayne… I shed tears of joy… for more reasons than one or even two and the main reason is she deserves it for being such a sweet little “trick”…even if we do say so ourselves.

February 12 – Doris’s birthday – 17 today. We had a nice dinner, cake, ice cream and gifts for her from all.

March 12, my birthday, among all a purchase certificate from JL Hudson’s from our daughters and dad

April 3 – Mary Virginia is 20 today. We had nice dinner cake and ice cream and gifts from us all – also Aunt Daisy never forgets with money.
Dad celebrates Christmas day.

April 12-The Grahams were enumerated. No mention in the Little Book.

June 7, 1940 Doris received $100 scholarship from the Deltas today… Isn’t that grand! It served 2 years.

June 10 — Mary Virginia has just gotten (through Jim and May) a good job at the County Bldg — God is so good to us. and today our Mershell Jr would have been 19 if he had lived – but we still say – God knows best.

3 thoughts on “Fannie Graham’s Journal Entries -1940

  1. How fortunate you are to have these wonderful little notes. It shows that we don’t have to write much to leave a breadcrumb trail for our descendants. I’ll bet they were proud of Doris, and the money would have made a big difference too.

    1. I’m sure the money paid for all the school expenses. When I attended the same school in the 1960s tuition was $96 a quarter. Even hardcover books were under $10. I wonder if I can find out what it was in 1940…

  2. It’s great to have a perspective on the costs, isn’t it? Even better if you were able to find out the 1940 fees and book costs. Happy searching.

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