Thanksgiving 1949

Time passed and ten years after yesterday’s 1939 Thanksgiving dinner, we find that Jennie Turner is in a wheelchair, having broken her hip in a fall. Her sister, Abbie Allen Brown is in town, the Graham’s are there with their daughter Mary Virginia, her husband and two children.

The Detroit Tribune, Dec 3, 1949

“Three generations were present at the festive board of Mrs. Jennie Turner on Harding ave. A delicious Thanksgiving dinner was served, which Mrs. Turner who has been an invalid for several years, enjoyed in her wheel chair, while surrounded by her daughters, Misses Daisy and Alice Turner, and her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Graham; granddaughter and son, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elkins, and their two children, and Mrs. Turner’s sister, Mrs. A. Brown.”

Actually Four generations were present – my great grandmother Jennie Turner and her sister Abbie, her daughters (which included my grandmother), my aunt Mary V and her daughters DD and Barbara. My mother Doris and her family (including me) were in still living in Springfield, Mass, and missed this dinner.

Doris Graham Cleage with daughters Pearl and Kristin (me) in Springfield, MA

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 1949

  1. Happy thanksgiving 2019. Lovely photos. Interesting that the photographer was crouching down to get to the children’s level to take the photos.

  2. How did you know that your mother missed that dinner? What a lovely photo of you and your sister with her. Wish there were newspaper stories about legendary Thanksgiving dinners today. If so, TG’19 at your home would make a memorable one.

    1. I know we were living in Springfield, MA while this dinner was happening in Detroit. Our few visits were in the summer. And the news item didn’t mention us being there.

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