Thanksgiving At My Grandparent’s

"Thanksgiving at the Grahams"

This was Thanksgiving at my Graham Grandparents house in 1963, east side Detroit.  My grandfather cuts the turkey.  My mother sits on the right.  I am on the left, my sister next to me.  Wonder where my Aunt and cousins were?  Usually there were four more around the table.  How we all fit I do not know, but we did.  The house is gone now. Everybody in this photo except my sister and I are dead.  We are almost as old as my grandparents were.

Gamma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha – 1926 – Wordless Wednesday

My grandfather, Albert B. Cleage Sr is 5th from the left, top row. Dr. Ames, who I talked about here Births, Deaths,Doctors and Detroit – Part 2- The Doctors & Detroit  in the 1920s is 7th from the left in the 3rd row down.

Gamma Lamda Chapter
Alpha Phi Alpha
Detroit, Mich 1926