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The Freedom Fight – The Illustrated News July 8, 1963

A copy of the Illustrated News, published by Henry Cleage, other family members and friends from 1961 to 1964.  It came out several weeks after the massive Detroit Walk to Freedom down Woodward Avenue on June 23, 1963.  Click the link above to read an Illustrated News issue covering the march.

The inside pages are reprinted from The National Observer and Business Week June 29, 1963.  The cover photo was taken by William “Billy” Smith.  The “Smoke Rings” on page 8 were written by my uncle, Dr. Louis J. Cleage.  Click on any image to enlarge.

My father, Rev. Albert B. Cleage jr (later known as Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman) with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, after they both spoke at the rally after the march. between them, in the back in Rosa Parks, unfortunately she turned her head before this photo was shot.

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Men Wearing Hats in Poppy’s Yard – 1961

On May 21, 1961, my grandparents, Fannie and Mershell Graham, lined up their guests for the ritual photographs in their Eastside Detroit backyard.  These are streaky polaroids. One of the first things I noticed about the lower photograph is the uncut grass. I don’t remember ever seeing it like that.

"Theodore backyard Rance Allen"
Verso: “Our backyard 9-21-1961 (right to left) John Wesley, John Bishops son, Ernest and Shell”

In the photo above (from left to right), my grandfather Mershell stands on the left. Ernest and John Bishop’s son are in the middle and my grandmother’s first cousin, John Wesley Allen is on the far right.  I don’t know who Ernest, John Bishop or his son were and I don’t have enough information to look into the matter right now.  John Wesley was visiting from Chicago with his wife, Bobbie, who appears in the women’s line below.

"theodore backyard bobbie visits"
Verso:  “Bobbie, Bluetta, Mrs Bishop, Daisy, Fan, Alice, Abbie.   Taken by John Wesley Allen in our back yard 9-21-61.  Daisy passed 11-24-61.  Her last picture.”

We start this picture with my 2x great Aunt, Abbie Allen Brown on the left end.  Abbie was aunt to my grandmother and her sisters and to John Wesley Allen in the other photo.  Next to Abbie is my grandmother’s youngest sister, Alice Turner; then my grandmother Fannie Turner Graham; sister Daisy Turner. Next in line are two women I don’t know. I’m not sure the one second from the right is named Bluetta but that’s what it looked like to me.  On the far right is John Wesley Allen’s wife, Bobbie Conyer Allen.

All of my direct family members in these photos were born in Alabama. Bobbie was born in Sumter county Georgia.  Their ages range in age from Alice, who was 53  up to Aunt Abbie, who was 85. Daisy died unexpectedly from an aneurysm on November 11 of that same year. This was her last picture.  After that Alice moved in with my grandparents and Aunt Abbie.

For more Sepia Saturday, CLICK!
For more Sepia Saturday, CLICK!

This weeks prompt shows a row of fenced yards with three men in hats standing in the alley.


The 7 Year Old Photographer – Wordless Wednesday

Photographer DeeDee behind worried Barbara, Poppy with Pearl & me (Kristin) laughing.

My cousin Dee Dee is the seven year old who took the photograph for Three in a Wagon.  This photo was taken the same day in my grandparents backyard.  Barbara still has her pistol and Pearl is still holding her pad and pencil plus Barbara’s boot which is hanging open by her right side. I seem to have traded the doll for a tin of powder?