Three in a Wagon 1951

 On the back of the photograph my grandmother, Fannie (aka Nanny), wrote “Barbara Lynne 3, Pearl Michelle 2, Kristin Graham 4.  May 30 – 1951.  This was snapped by DeeDee.”

This photo was taken in my grandparents backyard. We spent most Saturdays back then at Nanny’s and Poppy’s playing with our cousins.   On the left end of the wagon is my cousin Barbara holding a cowboy boot and a toy gun. In the middle is my sister Pearl who is writing madly.  I am on the right end holding a doll and looking worried.  My sister grew up to be a writer.  I grew up to have 6 children. If only cousin Barbara had grown up to ride bucking broncos or live on a ranch or rob banks, the mirroring of the future would have been complete.  This photograph was taken by Barbara’s older sister, Dee Dee who was 7 years old at the time.

Front: Barbara, Pearl. Back: Dee Dee the photographer, Poppy, Kristin

For more old photos, with or without dolls, click on the picture below.

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    1. There’s another one where we are sitting on the steps in Springfield and I have about 10 dolls and stuffed animals lined up and pearl is holding a little book 😉

  1. Even without your wonderful description this photograph would be delightful. The fact that a seven year old was the photographer only adds to its charm. I can’t imagine an adult taking it from that angle; she was probably sitting or lying on the grass, and she didn’t wait until everyone was looking her way and smiling; result – a winner. But do tell those of us not in the know, what did Barbara grow up to be?

    1. Barbara worked in a factory in Detroit until it relocated to Texas and since then she has provided child care in her home.

  2. I’m beginning to recognize you even when you were a child, Kristin! It’s amazing that a 7-year-old took the photo. It would be impressive if taken by an adult. It’s even more impressive when taken by one so young. Your grandparents’ yard looks like a comfortable place to play.

  3. Is this not the best photo ever? And that it gives a glimpse into your futures makes it even better. I think the gun and boot are telling as well — working in a factory certainly requires cowboy-toughness as does providing childcare!! HA

    1. I have to wonder, why did she even have a paper and pencil at the age of two while we were playing in the backyard? Did she keep them in her back pocket to pull out for note taking when needed?

    1. No, Dee Dee grew up to be a jazz chanteuse and even now travels the world singing her songs. she writes articles and does some music education too.

    1. It is amazing. I don’t know about being at ease though. Pearl looks pretty much at ease but Barbara and I look pretty worried. Or maybe it’s just the sun in our faces.

  4. Beautiful for sure. I would love to see the photo of you all in Springfield if that was Ky. That is where I grew up. I remember noting some of your lineage from Lebanon. Darling kiddos.

    1. My father’s mother’s people were from Lebanon Kentucky. I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts but came to detroit when I was 4. This was taken in my grandparents backyard in Detroit and it must have been soon after we moved, come to think of it, since i was still 4.

  5. Oh, what little darlings! Maybe you looked worried because a 7 year old shouldn’t have the camera in the first place?

    1. Dee Dee always seemed so much older then we were when we were growing up that I’m sure her having the camera didn’t worry us in the least. And think of the photo that would never have been taken if she hadn’t been allowed to use the camera.

  6. At my first look, I thought perhaps there were doll parts coming or going! Perhaps surgery on the one you held and a prescription being hurriedly written. A very good photo of you three in the wagon from a child”s view too.

  7. A darling photo! You look quite serious and mature for your age. Your buckle shoes remind me of a pair I had as a child.

  8. I think that is such a lovely picture. At the same time someone called Sheila Ann Graham was about to be 4 years old, and half a world away. 🙂 But she would have been holding the gun, like Barbara.

    1. In fact I remember her saying once that she should have moved to Texas when the factory moved. If only I had looked at that photo back then and known about the move and advised her to go, who knows what might have happened. oh well….

  9. As with so many of your other featured images, I am just struck by the quality of the photograph. Beautifully framed, composed and shot. And taken by a seven year old!! Now that is talent.

  10. I’d love to see a picture of DeeDee that same day. It’s a great shot, telling such a story.
    Just amazing that Pearl actually became a writer.
    Thanks for commenting on my Zentangle post. It must have made you wonder what it had to do with dolls. I must have put the wrong link on Mr. Linky. I went back and put the right one on.

    1. I did wonder but sepia saturday posts don’t have to be about the prompt so I didn’t wonder too much. I’ll go look for the right one.

      I’ll post a photograph of Dee Dee today.

  11. I am finally getting caught up with you at your new location. This is a totally amazing photo. I agree that you do have the best photos. They seem to have a contemporary feel but with a special vintage quality that makes them unique. I also love the large format.

    1. I must say, I stumbled into your blog while archiving at the Detroit historical Museum. Are you not in Detroit anymore? I have been for nine years now…it’s very cool to hear about how it used to be firsthand. Sure seems different, but we still have tons of fun. Thanks for the stories, they’re a neat glimpse!

      1. nova,
        glad you are enjoying my blog. I used to love roaming around the Detroit Historical Museum, espeically the doll house (is it still there?) and the basement old Detroit. No, I’m no longer in Detroit. I moved out in 1972. Have not even visited in 5 years.

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