1940 Census – James and Margaret McCall and Family

4880 Parker now – from Google Maps.

In 1940 James McCall and his family lived at 4880 Parker Ave. on the east side of  Detroit. The house was worth $5,000.  He was 58 years old and had completed 4 years of college. He had worked 52 weeks in 1939, earning $1,600 managing a Printing Establishment.

James and Margaret McCall in the early 1940s.

His wife Margaret was 52 years old. She had completed 4 years of high school and was not working outside of the home. She was the informant. Everybody in the house was born in Alabama, had lived in the same house in 1935 and was identified as “W(hite)”.  I would guess that people are wrongfully identified as “white” because the enumerator would not ask race, they would assume they “knew” by looking.

Margaret and Victoria McCall – Palm Sunday 1941.

Oldest daughter, Victoria, was 24 years old, single and had completed 4 years of college. She had worked 40 weeks in 1939 as a public school teacher, where she earned $1,600. The youngest daughter, Margaret was 21 years old. She had worked 24 weeks in 1939 and earned $240 as a secretary of a Printing company.

The McCall’s owned their own printing company and published a newspaper “The Detroit Tribune”.  My aunt, Mary V. Graham, who was their cousin,  worked at the same printing establishment in the 1940 census. In the 1990’s she shared her memories of her work there. Mary V’s job was to read newspaper articles to  James McCall because he was blind.  From what she read to him, he would formulate his editorial articles.  He had a braille typewriter that he used to write the articles.  Mary V said she learned so much, reading to him and talking to him about various topics.  She remembered that he was a wealth of information and knew a lot about everything.

You can see the 1940 census sheet with the McCalls HERE.  Other posts featuring James McCall are Poems by James E. McCall and James McCall Poet and Publisher and “She was owned Before the War by the Late Colonel Edmund Harrison…”

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  1. It’s awesome that James had a newspaper and printing shop. It’s always so inspirational to read about individuals with significant disabilities who had really interesting careers.

  2. Another fantastic use of google maps — you’ve convinced me! James McCall was a man before his time, not allowing his “disability” to impact his productivity. What an inspiration.

  3. Love the new header!!

    As I’ve mentioned before, you certainly do have an amazing family. As you move forward with all your research there is an increased clarity about why you are the amazing person you are.

    Peace …

  4. The information from this website helps to piece together interesting facts that I have been searching. Any information on family of Victoria McCall’s first husband, Charles W. Anderson Jr. from Kentucky? It seems I keep finding the same articles re-published. Any information would be appreciated, thanks!

    1. I’m sorry, I haven’t researched Charles W. Anderson Jr, aside from looking at a few sources online. Good luck with your search!

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