Barbara at Cleage Printers

Barbara Cleage Martin at Cleage Printers

I can’t see what Barbara is doing here as she gets the copy ready to photograph and print.

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It has been a long time since I participated in Sepia Saturday. When I saw the prompt photo, I immediately thought of the photo I featured today.

17 thoughts on “Barbara at Cleage Printers

  1. Awesome pic! I came across this page while researching my Grandparents George & Velma Payne. I saw their wedding pic in something connected to this page.

    1. Both Velma and George were good friends with my Cleage aunts and uncles. I remember Velma Payne as the librarian at the Parkman Branch library in Detroit. We found some very good books there.

  2. A perfect match to the prompt! And thank you for including the other posts as well. 🙂

    1. Since I didn’t really write anything to go with the picture, I thought I would include some other posts. There are even more if you search for Barbara Cleage (smile)

  3. Who’s the photo on the wall in front of her of? And what are the bumper-sticker about next to it? Do you have any of them? Thanx. Wonderful post. I miss Cardinal Nandi so much that I don’t like to talk about it.

    1. That is her son Ernest aka Ernie.

      I don’t think that those are bumper stickers, I think they are headings for the shopping papers they put out.

  4. A fine match. I like how Barbara’s desk and wall are similarly filled with papers and notes. It always amazes me how Alan’s random theme can inspire so many different connections to another photo. Hope you can join us more often.

  5. This captures the era, with the young modern woman at work. I clicked over to your first link and enjoyed learning more about Cleage Printers.

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