My Aunt Barbara Colorized – 1943

Last week I had several photographs of my Aunt Mary V. colorized.  This week I have a colorized photo of my father’s sister, Barbara Cleage Martin.  This photo is printed on thick, off white paper. I believe one of the Cleage photographers took and developed the photo. Which family member, I don’t know.  It was taken in 1943 when she was 23 years old.

Barbara colorized blog
Colorized photo. Click photos to enlarge.


A photo taken the same day that wasn't colorized.
A photo taken the same day that wasn’t colorized.

11 thoughts on “My Aunt Barbara Colorized – 1943

  1. Beautiful! See a lot of Aunt Barbara in Hugh and Cameron. Always grateful for your sharing Kristin.

  2. Kristin,
    Just discovered your blog last night. It’s like a precious jewel! Thank you for all of the time and effort you’ve put into this. It’s mind boggling learning about my ancestors!
    I have some pics that I’d like to share with you. Can you send me your e-mail address?
    Also, I would very much like to make contact with Suzanne on the Hugh Marian Reed Averette page. She left a comment about the “absent death certificate” of her great grandfather Hugh. Her mother and my mother were cousins. My mother often spoke about her little lost cousin.
    Amazing Stuff!
    Thank you.

  3. That is a nice dress! Looks like it could be tied in the front and back to get a different style?

  4. Dear Kristin,
    Your blog is an amazing find! A treasure. Kudos to my nephew who stumbled upon it while doing a bit of research. I believe we’re distant cousins. Your thoughtfully written stories are fascinating. My heart ached when I read your entries of my dear grandmothers. Your words and pictures brought them to life and I missed them all the more. Please send me your email address as I have several gaps that I can help you fill. And yes, mama always talked lovingly about her cousin BJ. BTW, Aunt Barbara is a beautiful woman.

  5. Dear Kris,

    For once, I’m speechless. Like most members and former members of the Shrines of the Black Madonna, I miss Cardinal Nandi (Barbara) — terribly. Thanx for these wonderful photos of an exceptionally beautiful person, who perhaps did more to enrich our lives than she’ll ever know.

    I have the honor to remain

    Your Li’l Bro’,


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