Dock and Eliza Animated

Eliza Williams Allen

Today I found a new app on My Heritage, Deep Nostalgia. It takes still photographs of faces and animates them. It was a bit strange, who knows if that is how the actual people moved when they were alive and moving. It was interesting to play around with though.

Below is are animated photos of Eliza (who this blog is named for) and Dock Allen, my 2X great grandparents through the maternal line. Click links below to see animations.

15 thoughts on “Dock and Eliza Animated

  1. Wow! Amazing. And I already thought that you brought long-departed people to life through your meticulous research and faithful re-telling. This is the icing on the cake.

    1. It’s free for everybody right now. A friend who doesn’t have an acct with them says you get 14 free days. And you can download your animations.

  2. Wow! How neat is that! Never mind how accurate, it’s brilliant! Especially the eyes. Tbh, your research and thoroughness already brings them alive, but the animations are just the perfect way to round that off.

    1. Some of them remind me of a movie where the paintings eyes followed people when they came in the room. It is fun to work with right now and interesting to see the people “come to life”.

  3. Boy have you been busy! Cool discovery! Edward looks just as you said – questionable!

  4. Kristin, I must admit the first time I saw the animation of someone’s old ancestor photo I immediately thought – no how creepy is that?! – LOL! But, this concept has merit, I guess, and is growing on me slowly . . and I do mean slowly ?

    1. I like it, but a lot of people do find it creepy. They do get some of the facial details wrong. Sort of like oral history. 😀

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