Pearl Doris Reed Cleage Animated

My paternal grandmother, Pearl Reed Cleage was born 135 years ago in Lebanon, Kentucky, the youngest of Annie Reed’s 8 children. She married Dr. Albert B. Cleage in Indianapolis, IN in 1910 and they had seven amazing children, including my father, who they raised in Detroit, MI.

She was a small woman who looked sweet as pie and had a backbone of steel. She didn’t begin to run down until she broke her hip in her 80s. In 1982, my grandmother Pearl died of congestive heart failure in Idlewild, Michigan.

I made this animation from the photo below using My Heritage, Deep Nostalgia. It was taken about 1900 when she was 16.

In 2018 I did a series of blog posts based on my grandmother’s letters. You can find the series here Pearl Reed Cleage’s Letters 1903-1905.

4 thoughts on “Pearl Doris Reed Cleage Animated

  1. Those animations are a hoot! Well, I kind of think they’re scary, to see the dead come alive, after all! But it’s neat how they move the eyes, and blink them. Beautiful woman!

    1. My sister feels that way too. I enjoy it myself. Although, as in oral history, they seem to get some details of the faces awray 😀

      1. I am absolutely baffled why anyone, including your sister, would find these animations anything except wonderful. Well done, Kris — as usual.

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