Detroit Cowboys, Then and Now

Cousin Ernest riding his rocking horse, holding his revolver and pointing at the Rhododendrons in my grandmother Cleage’s backyard on Atkinson.
Riding the range as an adult.
Cousin Ernest riding the range as an adult.

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Cousin Warren back again this week in his cowboy attire. Could be the same Christmas as last weeks. He isn’t wearing his hat, but he had one.
Warren riding in recent times.
Cousin Warren and his horse in recent times.

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To see more Sepia Saturday offerings, CLICK!

19 thoughts on “Detroit Cowboys, Then and Now

  1. I wonder if Warren got his cowboy suit as a Christmas present and had put it on specially for a photo under the tree, or if it was already his favourite outfit?

  2. You have a couple of good looking cousins. I bet they’re fighting off the cow girls.

  3. Well Ernest’s rocking horse was way finer than mine…to me he looks lilke Darius Rucker as an adult on that big horse…

  4. “I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy…” (Was that “The Streets of Laredo?”) Don’t tell your cousins, but I’d ride off into the sunset with either one of ’em!

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