Links to My DNA Posts

CLICK TO ENLARGE THE GRAPHIC BELOW!     My DNA from various places. Starting in the upper left:  23andMe;;  Dr. McDonald;  GEDmatch.


So far I have written six posts describing my DNA findings. Here are links.  I am working on a couple of more.

My Matrilineal Line and More   May 27, 2010

My 23and Me DNA Test Results    September 27, 2011

Seven Generations of L3e3b – My Mtdna     May 13 2013

Seven Generations of L3e2a1b1 – My Grandmother Pearl’s Mtdna    May 16, 2013

Revisiting My 23and Me DNA findings    May 17, 2013

Eight Generations of L3b Mtdna from Celia Rice Cleage     May 18 2013

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  1. Thanks Kris! Adding these to the DNA post on OGR! Make sure to check-out the recent 23andme response. Looks like the new Sub-Saharan breakdown is in motion but being rolled out according to where you land in the queue. I think folks who’ve had their data in for a while will see the update sooner than those like me — just getting results. Keep me posted & hugs to you today!:)

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