What happened to cousin Dale?

This is the 15th post in the February Photo Collage Festival, and the last post of five that will answer the question someone asked when I posted this photograph (follow the link to see it) – What happened to these kids?  Today is the turn of cousin Dale Evans. This is the hardest of the five posts to write because I really don’t know what happened to Dale. I know that for some years he was out in California acting on TV, in the soaps I think.  I’ve heard that he did promotions for events, like beauty contests and talent shows. He was making and selling crafts for awhile. He has a tendency to show up once in awhile and then disappear again for years at a time. I hope all is well with him.

Dale in 1958 and 2012.

This post ends the series on cousins then and now. I decided not to include myself since you can read many posts on this blog and find out my story.

9 thoughts on “What happened to cousin Dale?

  1. Sounds like it’s frustrating not to know what happened to him Kristin or where he is now. Like the new header and it’s so evident how alike you and Pearl are.

    1. It is kind of sad.

      Once when my sister and I were somewhere with our father, some stranger woman gasped “Three twins!” upon seeing us. We were elementary school age and still get a laugh out of that.

  2. I hope Dale shows up soon. I enjoyed reading about the people in the picture. As folks in the south would say, “they all turned out well.”

  3. I am ALIVE! (I think???) It is wonderful to see the photographs of the extended family here. like Kris’ old website with historic info and records.

    I didn’t vanish, I went to New York where I am a resident and have been for over a decade. I did live in Los Angeles, on and off, for quite awhile and was back there stuck a few years after my wife died after a long chronic illness. That was one of the reasons why I was out of touch so long.
    Blair brought me back to Detroit for a short visit and I did see him and my brother Warren and sister Jan after almost 20 years. And my beloved mother who I really regret not seeing for so long. And to see that the Shrine has degenerated into a Cult like organization instead of the open center of progressive thought and activism it was when it was effective.

    I did act as “Background” for years, enough to qualify and join the Screen Actors Guild which I am a member. Appeared in over 45 different TV Series and in five movies, the last was “The Soloist” starring Jamie Foxx. I was a licensed Artist on Venice Beach in L.A. and earlier in San Francisco. I also wrote five Screenplays with a writing partner (registered with the Writers Guild West).

    (You sure found the dumbest kid’s photo of me to use!!! 😉 Maybe I’ll send you a better one later…) Dale

    1. Hi Dale! That’s what makes a blog so wonderful, long lost relatives resurface! I’m glad you’re alive and well and got to see everybody that was in Detroit. Thank you for filling in the gaps. I wasn’t looking for a dumb kid photo of you. I did a post on Warren’s birthday and the photo that was taken of all of us that year. Somebody asked what happened to everybody and so I put the old photo together with a new one and wrote a little bit on what everybody was doing. I wish I had still photos of you in your movies so that I could have done a collage of you. Here’s a link to the original photo in case you missed it in the post above. http://findingeliza.com/archives/8412

      1. I know, just teasing you. I remember that silly picture…
        I will send you some. I have to go through the Show DVD’s to freeze frame some stills. I was told people saw me in a umber of them when I was doing them. I will send you the List of the Shows. (I was surprised how many I did when I listed them…)

        I am going to self-publish the scripts in book form because you give up all ownership rights and will NOT get author credit when you sell a script (unless you’re already famous) and a book or play is only way to fix the characters and plot lines. So if someone buys that they can screw it up and you’l still have the original version for credit and reference. At this age the author credit is more important than the money.

        How is the South these days???

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