One Thing Leads to Another

This is my 6th year participating in the A to Z blogging challenge. You can find the other 5 years at this link A to Z posts. And this link will take you to other Theme Reveals.

This post reveals my theme for A-Z 2019

During this A to Z Challenge I will, as usual, be focusing on family history. I want to do two things. First, I want to show that finding one document can lead you to other information in ways you never expected. Second, I want to follow some of those leads to bring more humanity to the formerly enslaved Cleages of Athens, McMinn County Tennessee, and their community.

During the past year I have completed two long running investigations where I posted daily, for 42 days each. In the first I used letters written by my grandmother, Pearl Reed Cleage, to her friend, Homer, from 1903 to 1905. In the second I used testimony from Katie Cleage’s Widow’s Pension File to tell her story in the words of those involved.

While doing them I learned the value of a good title. I hope that this knowledge will stand me in good stead during this year’s challenge and give me a little more leeway in presenting the posts in both alphabetical and time order.

32 thoughts on “One Thing Leads to Another

  1. Love the idea of “one thing leads to another,” Kristin. That has been one of the delights in following your investigations this past year–all the unexpected discoveries along the way. It also gives me an idea of using the end of one post to lead into the next, so that what might otherwise be a mere list gains some coherence and momentum as the each day follows the last.

    1. I like the idea of tying them together. I also want to put my posts in order, like I did with those I did when it wasn’t A-Z and I’m hoping I can use creative titles to do it, if they don’t naturally just spring to mind.

  2. I love reading your work here so much! I wasn’t great at keeping up with new posts, but then I saw I could subscribe and get an email whenever they were up. I’m not missing anything now!

  3. I love learning about other people’s family history, and seeing how they conducted genealogical research. So many things truly lead into important discoveries when finding information about ancestors.

    1. Meditation is something I always say I am going to do, but rarely do it. Maybe following your A-Z posts will push me to actually meditate on a regular basis.

  4. Fantastic theme as usual. It is fascinating how research can bring us in unexpected places.
    And let me tell you, I love your blog’s new look!

  5. Six years of A to Zedding! (or should that be Zee-ing?!). I have really enjoyed following your posts each year and gaining a different perspective.

    I look forward to learning more about the Cleage family and the information you didn’t expect. Following down rabbit holes is great fun.

    Your new layout looks great.

    1. I am enjoying snatches of your beastiary but am trying so hard to get some sort of order to my A-Z that it’ll probably be April before I can comment regularly

  6. I wasn’t sure if I could take on the A to Z this year since I’m working on the 52 Ancestors. It is calling to me though and I’m thinking I’d do A to Z of vintage family photos. I can analyze each one and provide documents and news clippings perhaps to supplement the picture of each day.

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