12 thoughts on “Signed With His “X”

    1. I am always so happy to find those who were once enslaved who learned to read and write after they were free. I think this was the easiest X since I started doing the a to z challenge.

  1. Something we take for granted now but many struggled to learn as they did not have the privilege of going to school but were forced to work from a young age. To learn as an adult takes determination. It also takes determination to change your name as Thomas did.And also to persist with your pension increase against the relentless grind of bureaucracy.

  2. Loved your X title. I think looking at older documents is fascinating. I found an old taxi driver’s licence among a book of my grandmother’s photographs (it was her brother) and it was super cool. Just the documents alone scream story!

    Thanks for stopping by X for X words

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