Anna Cecelia Cleage Shreve 1925 – 2013

Anna – Pharmacist at the Cleage Clinic

For years, my aunt Anna was the pharmacist at my uncle Louis Cleages clinic. When we went to the doctor’s, my sister, mother and I would stop in the back for a visit with her. Sometimes she would give us things that I guess were trinkets from the drug salesman. The only one I remember was a pile of what looked like pennies painted a gold color and glued to look like a heap.

Many year later, when I was grown and living in Idlewild with a family of my own, I would always stop by and visit my aunt and uncle, Anna and Winslow in Detroit. They both had great memories and a wealth of family stories. I would drink tea and eat cookies or something while they told me tales of the family’s past.

Anna had a distinctive laugh and my daughter Ife sometimes laughs in the same way. I do miss them still and wonder what stories we never got around to.

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10 thoughts on “Anna Cecelia Cleage Shreve 1925 – 2013

    1. I even got her on tape once at a family gathering. The quality isn’t good because so much was going on at the same time, but I captured a very touching story about my grandfather and his brother, in her own word.

  1. What a lovely tribute to your aunt. Your comment about how you “wonder what stories we never got around to” really resonated with me. The older I get, the more I ponder the stories that I never got around to talking about with my relatives.

  2. I am haunted by the stories we never get around to. You are so wise to collect them with intention.

    1. We receive the ones we need the most at the time we receive them, I think. I also believe we may need different stories as we age and by then the story tellers are gone.

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