In the Backyard with Toodles – Winter 1926 & Summer 1928

Grandmother, Doris, Mother, M.V.
Summer 1928 Grandmother, Doris, Mother, M.V. Toodles.” “Grandmother” was my great grandmother Jennie Virginia Turner, “Doris” was my mother, “Mother” was my grandmother and “M.V.” was my Aunt Mary Virginia


In the summer of 1928 my grandmother Fannie, identified as “Mother” in the photograph above, was pregnant with her 4th child, Howard.  He was born on September 6 and lived only 3 years before dying of Scarlet Fever.  Older son, Mershell had died the year before after being struck by a truck on the way to school.  But in this picture, she’s looking forward to the new child they believed had been sent to take his place. My mother Doris isn’t smiling but is giving the dog a pat.

Doris, M.V. Mershell, Toodles 1926.
Doris, M.V. Mershell and Toodles – 1926.

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17 thoughts on “In the Backyard with Toodles – Winter 1926 & Summer 1928

  1. Howard and Mershell — what a sad connection. Toodles looks too big for his/her name but it’s cute.

    (PS, You need to fix your link at SS.)

  2. Very sad for your grandmother to lose both boys so young. What does MV stand for?

  3. Your grandmother must have been a very strong woman to deal with the loss of two children in the space of 4 years. How heartbreaking. I had Scarlet Fever when I was five, but survived without much after effects. Treatment for the illness must have improved by then.

    1. I believe scarlet fever is related to strep throat and is now treated by antibiotics, which were not available in the 1930s.

  4. Your poor grandmother – I would think losing a child in an accident would be the worst.
    Even worse than sickness. Toodles looks like he’s posing with the kids in the final photo.
    A fine looking pooch.

  5. Such losses are so heartbreaking to think about. My female ancestors seem to have lost no children or multiple children, never just one.

  6. I just love the 1920s hairdos. They act as a symbol for the whole era. See those hairdos and you know exactly the time you are in.

  7. Toodles is an adorable name! So very sorry for your grandmother, it’s a loss you never ever get over.

  8. Beautiful pictures and can feel the spirit and essence of family! I always feel like your memories come alive when I read them. Thank you so much for sharing your Ancestral journey with all of us and continue to honor the Ancestors!

  9. I get a very real sense of your Grandmother’s strength from the top photo.
    By the way, the quality of the camera & the person behind it is first rate.
    Clear & True.

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