U is for Umbrella

a-to-z-letters-uThis is my 21st post for the April A-Z Challenge.  Featuring a photograph from 1918 of my grandfather Mershell C. Graham with a huge umbrella.  I used this photo in 2011 for a Sepia Saturday post.  There are several others that go with it. If you want to see them go here – Poppy Was Cool.  I think that for my next  A-Z challenge I will use all family photographs that go with the letter, minus much writing. This is really wearing me out!  Hard to believe there are only 5 left.


14 thoughts on “U is for Umbrella

  1. Kristin, as you know there’s nothing quite like the swag of the men in our families!! I did a story on my dad being a man of style last year featuring him in his fedora hats. The minute I saw this photo of your grandfather looking as “smooth” as he wanna be, I couldn’t help but smile. Your grandfather looks handsome and I like the way he knows it too — LOL!

    I have truly enjoyed your April A-Z features!

    1. Thanks, Liv. I know what you mean. It’s funny but my grandkids will never see my husband like I do, unless they find a photo of him looking cool years from now.

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