Poppy Was Cool – 1916

My sister recently found a stash of old family photos that she had forgotten she had.  She was nice enough to bring them over to me to add to the collection.  Among those photographs were these of my maternal grandfather, Mershell C. Graham called Poppy by us.  When these photos were made, he was Shell and apparently quite dapper.

In the first picture we see him perched on a fence with a tower in the background.  It looks sort of like a  bell tower.

In the next photo MC seems to be holding an umbrella and wearing tails.  On the other hand it looks like it’s pretty big for an umbrella. In the back is a wooden fence, but not the same one as in the tower photo. There are several people walking up and down the street too.

In the third photo my grandfather is swinging in the woods.  In the background there is something that could be a house or other building.

These photos were  around 1916 in Montgomery, Alabama. I think.

The last photo I include because they are such a cool looking couple. I know nothing beyond they were my grandfather’s friends.

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17 thoughts on “Poppy Was Cool – 1916

  1. Dapper is the word! That second picture is intriguing; whatever could it be? I bet somebody on here will know the answer.

  2. Fine photos of a cool man. That lady's hat would go down well at Royal Ascot.

  3. much like me, he had great taste in friends, as they are a very handsome couple.

    i am intrigued by the umbrella thing-y…

    and you are are quite right: he is dapper!!!!

  4. Ha I stared at the umbrella one too before reading the entry! Im like "is that a big umbrella or what?", and yes what a sharply dressed man. The tower sorta looks like a lighthouse too in the first pic? Thanks for sharing, these are great!

  5. Fabulous looking man. I think it's his posture as much as the clothes. As for the umbrella, do you suppose it's picnic table sized? It seems to have a droopy skirt like some of the older ones did. Of course, there's still the issue of what he's doing with it… Great pictures.

  6. Isn't it exciting when one comes across a treasure hoard like this – thanks for sharing the images. What an amazing hat – she wouldn't have needed an umbrella in the rain.

  7. Hi Kristin,

    Thank you so much for stopping by! Your blog is wonderful. I can see how that old newspaper layout would catch your notice, lol. Thanks for sharing with us about your cool granddaddy.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  8. Great pictures. The building in the first picture looks a bit like an old lighthouse to me.

  9. Intriguing pictures indeed. He looks cool, but I also cannot perceive what he's doing with that large umbrella thing. The last photo is very nice too.

  10. I agree that the tower looks like a lighthouse.

    Love the shapes, the darks and lights, of that last photo. The big hat merging with his jacket.

  11. Oh my goodness! What a treasure she sent you…just love these photos and I have a special thing about umbrellas! That one is like big enough to cover a huge group of people! So cool!

  12. Oh yes isn't he quite the handsome dude. I love that photo on the wing, one of my favorite things to do. You are fortunate to have these, even the unknown couple, also quite good looking, striking actually

  13. These photos are neat and they are oldies and goodies. He was a dude for sure.

  14. Very cool, in fact. An aura of confidence and self-possession surrounds them all.

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