7 thoughts on “100th Anniversary of My Father’s Birth – June 13, 1911 – June 13, 2011

  1. Such a well done collage, Kristin. The postcard is amazing. Great idea to trace him through his centennial year. You're going to send me to the thesaurus to come up with some new superlatives!

  2. The collage is just wonderful. I just came across your blog today. I will be following it.

  3. love the montage. very well done. but upon closer inspection, i noted that your grandpa was looking for a better place for his family, in regard to racism.

    honestly, from your point of view, has it approved really?

    feel free to delete this comment and answer via my email. you know the address.

    i am just wondering. i don't know for a fact what is the daily reality in the states, but i know that i had a most disturbing conversation with work colleagues and i had to express my disagreement with their view on black people. one of my cousin married a black guy, in 1975, and they're still a couple. that's more than i can say about my other cousins, some are even divorced TWICE!! so, those ladies at work will definitely not become friends of mine. i could not associate with such people. my contacts with the black community were generally good, and when one of them went sour, prejudice on THEIR part was to blame… not so surprisingly, all things considered…

    what is your reality? do you mingle or stick to black folks? don't think i mean to be rude!! people expect me to hang out with gay men, and i prefer the company of straight people, 'cause i can be more myself, no pressure… go figure!!

    i'm just curious, waht your father would think of how things are nowadays…

    answer if you can/please.

  4. Ticklebear, i'll answer tomorrow since i'm on my way to bed now. no problem with the question.

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