Trains – My Grandparents Mystery Tour

I don’t know where my grandparents were going in these photographs from the 1950s.  They were traveling with a group.   I know they started in Detroit and ended up back in Detroit. In between they seem to have gone to the sea shore, the far west and possibly places in between.  For other train related (or not) posts, click Sepia Saturday.

My grandmother is on the far right of the first photo.
My grandmother Pearl Reed Cleage in the middle, next to her my dapper grandfather.
At a band shell.
Stage coach.

My grandmother after vanquishing the bull in the ring. Or....?
On a battery somewhere? Grandparents at right.

My grandparents on each end. Back on the train.

18 thoughts on “Trains – My Grandparents Mystery Tour

  1. There are several scenes here that could be identifiable. Perhaps the soundshell, although I suspect many such constructions have since disappeared. Are those oil derricks in the background of the beach shot, and would that imply somewhere on the Gulf? The bell tower does indeed remind me of those westerns down in the south, where a lone gunman eventually succumbs to the hero's sharp shooting and falls to the ground. The arena – bull fighting or rodeo perhaps. In the shot of the river and valley, you can just make out the front of the train. Could this be the Rio Grande, or is it not big enough? So many possibilities, but lots of clues too. I'm afraid I'm just not clued up enough on the geography of that part of the world, but it's been an interesting ride, nevertheless.

  2. Brett is right. There are lots of little clues. Detroit to Houston to Arizona to LA and back, is my guess. But a big trip to include all these different sites. There are old train tables that might also show excursion specials showing possible routes. A lovely collection.

  3. Thank you for posting these photos. I bet your grandfathers personality was a big as he was.. and I bet your grandmother had total control too! Love the vacation photos and seeing the way things were. I really enjoy your posts and interesting tidbit stories like the aspirin! Will wait with anticipation of the next issue of this blog. Thanks for sharing your family with the world.

  4. The band shell looks like the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

    1. TICKLEBEAR said…

      or? or holding for dear life unto her hat against the wind!!

      the lady with the white puse had me in stiches!!!

      and for ladies who travel far, they sure don’t have much luggages… color me surprised!!!

      but that balanced rock pic got me in awe!!!!

      good show, as usual!!
      just remember the challenge i gave you now…
      (tropical fruit/mailman/alaska)

      verification word of the day:
      which means dreaming in french!!!
      how perfect!!
      June 5, 2011 1:20 AM

  5. I shall be in Michigan near Detroit from the end of this week in an area where all the railroads have become country trails. What are the chances of meeting someone who knew about this trip? Pretty slim I should think – pity I would like to know a lot more about it and the series of photos.

  6. They travelled With Style!
    They don't appear to have much luggage.How long do you think the vacation lasted?

  7. @Ticklebear – I'll see what I can find in my collection to match your challenge. I think you got me there though.
    @tony – i would expect that they had checked their luggage and the red cap put it on the train or it was where ever they were staying. I'm sure there was more then that little bag on the platform. If the trip went from Detroit to LA, by way of the gulf and back with stops for sightseeing it must have lasted several weeks.
    @Bob – I've put out the word to my aunts about the trip but don't know what I will get back. The people who went on the trip would be in their 90s or 100s by now.

  8. Great pictures. My favourites are your grandfather with his fabulous clothes and hat at a jaunty angle and the 'On The Beach' picture is just a brilliant photograph.

  9. I love both the men's and women's clothes of that era, especially the hats men used to wear. This looks like a fun trip.

  10. I'm not sure about the other pictures, but the balanced rock picture is from the Garden of the Gods, just outside of Colorado Springs Colorado. Being from the area it is unmistakeable. Really enjoy your blog!

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