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From Slavery to Freedom – 56 Former Cleage & Hurst Slaves

I pulled this list together using documents from the plantations of Samuel, Alexander and David Cleage and Elijah Hurst. All four were located in McMinn County, Tennessee. During 2015, I am going to go through the list and write about each person that I can find after Freedom in 1865. I completed 4 earlier.  You can read their story by clicking on the linked names.  I will start tomorrow with a general description of each plantation.

  1. Bill Cleage – 1807
  2. Henry Cleage – 1824
  3. Lea Cleage –
  4. Fannie Cleage –
  5. Peter Cleage – 1817
  6. Jerry Cleage – 1831
  7. Bob Cleage- 1830
  8. Jim Cleage 11832
  9. Big Annie Cleage
  10. Matilda Cleage
  11. Charity Cleage – 1838
  12. Caroline Cleage – 1836
  13. Jim Cleage  – 1822
  14. Joe Cleage  – 1844
  15. Sally Cleage  – 1842
  16. Arch Cleage  – 1836
  17. Margth Cleage   – 1838
  18. Charles Cleage  – b.1828
  19. Mary Cleage  – 1821
  20. Henry Cleage  – 1848
  21. Lydia Cleage   – 1851
  22. Joe Cleage  – 1808
  23. Jane Cleage  – 1834
  24. Lynd Cleage  – 1841
  25. Frank Cleage  – 1813
  26. Phillip Cleage  – 1831
  27. Lewis Cleage  – 1830
  28. Sam Cleage  – 1850
  29. Jeff Cleage  – 1837
  30. Martha Cleage  – 1831
  31. Lea Cleage  – 1818
  32. Julian Cleage  – 1809
  33. Patsy Cleage  – 1847
  34. Amy Cleage – 1825
  35. Jeff Cleage – 1858
  36. Juda Cleage – 1814
  37. Charles Cleage – 1848
  38. Angelen Cleage – 1850
  39. Lewis Cleage – 1852
  40. Laura Cleage – 1859
  41. Frank Cleage – younger than Laura
  42. Jane Cleage –
  43. Adaline Cleage –
  44. Tom Cleage –
  45. Frank Cleage – 1816
  46. Tom Lane Cleage –
  47. Harry Hurst
  48. Jeff Hurst
  49. Rachel Hurst
  50. Peter Hurst
  51. Auston Hurst
  52. Tom Hurst
  53. Nancy Hurst
  54. Judi Hurst
  55. Jerry Hurst
  56. Dorcus Hurst (bill of sale 29 Jan 1827)

Elijah Hurst Last Will and Testament – 1848

This Will was written by Elijah Hurst, the father of Jemima Hurst Cleage, who married Alexander Cleage, who enslaved my 2X great grandparents and their 5 children.  In it he leaves Juda (my 2X great grandmother) to Jemima.  She already had possession of her.

Elijah Hurst Last Will and Testament

State of Tenn.  McMinn Co.Will of Elijah HurstMcMinn Co Will Book D, Mar 1841-Dec 1848, Microfilm roll 104, TSLA, pp 245-255.

Dec 2 1844.   Elijah Hurst Will Recorded.  

I Elijah Hurst do make and ordain this my last will and testament.

  • 1st It is my will and desire that all my just debts be paid.
  • 2nd I give and bequeath to my son Russel R. Hurst my negro boy Harry during his life; and at his death it is my will and desire that said boy Harry go to his heirs.
  • 3rd I will and bequeath to my son John L. Hurst my negro boy Jeff during his life; and at his death I give and bequeath said boy Jeff to his heirs.
  • 4th I will and bequeath to my son Russel my Cate Tract of land during his life; and at his death I desire the same to go the heirs of said Russel; and in consideration thereof he is to pay a debt I am owing the bank for said tract of land.
  • 5th It is my will and desire that my executor manumit my negro woman Rachel when her tenth child shall have attained the age of ten years; and it is my wish that she remain in McMinn County and that my executors support her out of my estate when she gets too old to support herself.
  • 6th I will and bequeath to my wife Mary the following negroes during her natural life:  Big Peter, Auston, Tom, Nancy, Judi, and Jerry; and at her death I wish them equally divided among my four children; and I will and bequeath to my dear wife Mary all my household and kitchen furniture and such of my farming utensils as my executors may think necessary for her convenience together with all my stock of horses, cattle, and hogs.
  • 7th I will and bequeath to my daughter Jemima Cleage and her heirs forever the four negroes she has had possession of Big Anny, Judi (my great great grandmother), Jane, and Matilda together with all the other property I have given her.
  • 8th It is my wish that my daughter Sarah Ann Calloway have and enjoy all the property conveyed heretofore in trust for her benefit and I will and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Ann Calloway my baroush carriage and harnesses in consideration of some losses   Sarah sustained on my account.
  • 9th It is my wish and desire that my executors get my mother and sister Delilah to remove from Claibourne County to the County of McMinn and that they attend to them carefully:  For that trouble and for taking care of my dear wife Mary, I have given them Harry and Jeff.
  • 10th It is my will and I do hereby release my son Russel R. Hurst from all debts and accounts he is  owing me on the condition that he attends to the interest of my wife while she lives.
  • 11th It is my will and desire that nothing be ex______ in this my last will and testament to interrupt the partnership existing between my son John L. Hurst and myself until the five years have expired.
  • 12th I do hereby constitute and appoint my two sons Russel R. Hurst and John L. Hurst my executors of this my last will and testament and do authorize and desire that they should act without giving bond and security for the trust, re_____ signed, sealed, published and declared to be my last will and testament this 12th day of December 1833.  Signed Elijah Hurst (Seal).  Witnesses:  Justus Steed, Andrew John, W. F. Keith.