Moving Day Springfield to Detroit 1951, Revisited

Back in November of 2011 I wrote Moving – Springfield to Detroit 1951 for Sepia Saturday 102. I mentioned that I remembered the little girls in the photograph, but I couldn’t remember their names. Well, I found them!

Moving day (note the boxed up stuff behind me) L to R: Kristin (me), Lynn, Sherrie, Pearl and in the back is Mrs. Johnson. I still have the rocking chair back there.
Left to right – Kristin (me), Lynn, Sherrie and Pearl

During February, I was working on a post about turtles I have owned, when I came across the photograph below.

Mr. and Mrs. Funn with me (Kristin) in front and my mother in the middle holding sister Pearl.

I recognized them as the Funns and realized that the other man’s name that I remembered from Springfield, “Lindsey”,must be the name of the father of the girls in the photographs.  How could I find the last name? I decided to Google “Lindsey St. John’s Congregational Church, Springfield, MA”. The first item that came up gave me his last name, Johnson.  I Googled “Lindsey Johnson, Springfield, MA” and came up with several articles. This was them!  Sherrie was the oldest daughter, the one who poured milk in my dinner on that day so long ago. Below are some of the articles I found and some photographs of the Johnsons and also an article about Mr. Funn. Goggle and newspapers – it’s hard to beat them sometimes.

Articles about Lindsey Johnson and family. The house they talk about is the one I visited with my father in the winter 1968.  Click to enlarge and read.
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16 thoughts on “Moving Day Springfield to Detroit 1951, Revisited

  1. Isn’t it satisfying when the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place. That’s happened to me too this week, but I’m writing about it in my submission for the next one.

  2. I’m so glad you found them Kristin; it brings the story full circle. And how lovely to be called The Funns.

  3. Well, well, look at you!!
    On theme and sleuthing!!
    Good work.
    Glad for you you were able to solve this one
    but I’m pretty sure you’ll find something else
    to wreck your brain over…

    1. The stars must be lined up for me or something along those lines. That, or either never giving up on a mystery has it’s rewards. Or both!

  4. Yes, it is wonderful when things come together and another question is answered. But I do like questions, and always having a few out there, nearly answered but not quite. We should be OK though – the one thing you can say with certainty about family history is “so many questions, so little time”

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