Victoria McCall interviews Eleanor Roosevelt in 1945

This article is from my Grandmother, Fannie Turner Graham’s scrap book.  It was printed in the Detroit Tribune on November 24, 1945.  Victoria’s parents, James and Margaret McCall, were the owners and operators of the Tribune. My grandmother wrote the date and my mother wrote the identifying information.

The postcard on the left shows the Book-Cadillac Hotel, where the interview took place, in the 1940.

Part of the article is missing.  I think my grandmother trimmed one side and part 2 was on the other side. I combined her pink article with a scan from online.

You can read more about the Tribune and the McCalls in this post “James Edward McCall, Poet and Publisher“.

3 thoughts on “Victoria McCall interviews Eleanor Roosevelt in 1945

  1. The article is very interesting. It gave me a better understanding of the status of civil rights issues at end of Word War II.

  2. First off, I loved the photo of Eleanor and Victoria — speaks volumes about each of them and the era — thanks for sharing it. Secondly, I think it is important to go back, every now and again, and read the words of days gone by — it’s like seeing the real world without the filter of time blurring the edges — what we knew and thought at that moment. Thanks.

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