Drawing Bones

A drawing of mine from 1968.

In 1968 I was a senior art student at Wayne State University in Detroit. Don’t remember why I did this drawing combining a skeleton and a coat of armor from the Detroit Institute of Art. The other two sketches are of a student posing with the skeleton.

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27 thoughts on “Drawing Bones

  1. I think the armour came a little late for its wearer in this case! A unique offering for the prompt this week I’m sure Kristin and how brave of the student to pose with a skeleton.

  2. Wonderful drawings. Not only were the bones salvagedbut immortalized on your page.

  3. Armor and Skeletons are a perfect combo — isn’t armor structured like a skeleton? An external skeleton? Anyway, I’m impressed.

    1. Well, my major was drawing and printmaking. By this time I’d been taking drawing classes for several years. That sure improved my drawing.

  4. Oh my gosh, what wonderful drawings! How they just work so well with this week’s theme too! I have to say your photo for your blog is totally wonderful! Such a cool tree lined street and all those exceptional old cars on display!

  5. There was a skeleton in the art room when I took courses at a community college a few years ago. I never drew it, but I did photograph it because I was thinking of doing a painting of it later.

  6. I especially love the skeleton and armor drawing. You have so many talents. Beautiful!

  7. What cool drawings! My son is finishing year 6 of a 4 year art & design degree, and did some life drawing but today his work and those of most design students is on a computer. Not much school expense for paper but instead for laser printing.

    1. I suppose even drawing students do computer work now. That was way after my time. I can think of only one computer drawing I did in the 1990s.

  8. Looks like our story lines ran along the same lines except I did not draw the ones I wrote about.
    Great work.

    1. I hardly ever draw. I keep saying I’m going to but I don’t. Sometimes I do prints. I should do more of that too. I was getting back into it when I discovered blogging and I have a difficult time focusing on more than one thing at a time. I am taking a silk screen workshop this fall that will let me learn the new methods of using photographs in silk screen prints. I also have a very small press at home that I can do prints on and I have a project I said I was going to do. I will post when I get something done.

  9. Ingenious spin on the theme!!
    My gestual was mostly spontaneous, rarely anatomically correct,
    usually looking for an impression of mass and movement or mood rather than
    exactitude. I liked those 15 seconds sketches. But I command you on your detailed work here. I wonder too why the helmet…
    Is there a shrink in the house!!!

    1. I think I just liked looking at the knights armor in the Detroit Art Institute which was right on campus and free at the time. I had not done any drawings where I put things together so I was searching for two things to put together. There may be some hidden meaning though…

      1. Like engaging yourself socio-politically?
        War is not just about guns and bones,
        but also ideas and ideals.
        Me thinks you were ready to fight for what’s right.
        And it transcended your art.

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