Mary Vee On A Bike

Fan & Mary Virginia 8 months 12/12/20
The weather was warm for December

On a Sunday in December, when my aunt Mary Virginia was eight months old, my grandmother held her on a tricycle for a photo opp.

The baby doesn’t look very happy about it. She looks cold, or terrified.Even though the weather called for rain instead of snow which made it rather warm for Detroit, I imagine it was still pretty cold.

I don’t know if the tricycle was an early Christmas gift or if it belonged to another child, a friend of the family because Mary Vee was the first and oldest child of my grandparents, Fannie and Mershell Graham.

Another photograph with a story I don’t know.

This is not the first time Bicycles have been a sepia Saturday prompt. Here are some of my past responses:

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11 thoughts on “Mary Vee On A Bike

  1. Well done, pulling another photo out of your hat that matches the meme for SS. Mine is also an old story (or 2), but nothing about bicycles.

    1. After I read your post with the trophies mentioned I realized I must have a few trophy photos around. Oh well. I’m sure it’ll come around again. I have only one more bicycle photo which I held back for the future.

  2. Thanks for giving us the additional options re: you & bikes! Too bad we have to be concerned about people stealing things. I made mention in my post about not being able to secure our bikes so they wouldn’t be stolen while we wanted to do something else. What a shame, that.

  3. A nice match for the theme, but I have to say the snapshot has a sinister quality with the dark figure hovering over the anxious child. I do like the “unsettling” weather report. It’s a fit description for storm clouds that can’t seem to turn into precipitation.

  4. And ‘social media’ weren’t even invented yet! (I’m thinking after a constant flow of reels with babies doing cutesy things in my FB account recently)… ?

  5. Such an evocative photo and what an expression on Mary Virginia’s face. She was probably cold and scared. Those tricycle handlebars are certainly interesting, as is Mary Virginia’s outfit. And kudos to you for finding the weather report!

    1. I think it’s a bunting, with a little snowsuit. I look in the local newspapers for the weather reports. It’s too much trouble to find the government statistics.

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