Historical Re-enactment Avalon Pierce

Zadie Canon portraying Avalon Pierce in 2019.

Avalon Pierce was the granddaughter of Abram and Amanda Cleag. Her mother was their daughter, Sarah Idena Cleag Pierce. After her parents troubled marriage ended in divorce, Avalon was raised by her grandparents. She attended school and was literate. She signed her grandmother’s pension application because Amanda could not write.

Six months after her grandfather’s death, Avalon died of Pulmonary tuberculosis, on a Tuesday morning at home. She was about fifteen years old.

Avalon is buried next to her grandfather Abram.

In 2019 the Historical Society of Long Beach, CA, Avalon Pierce, granddaughter of Abram and Amanda Cleag, was brought to life by Tori-Ann Hampton. Above she tells her story as found in various records, newspaper articles and speculations.

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    1. Yes she is. These aren’t my ancestors. They were enslaved on the same Cleage plantation as my ancestors were. They’re a different branch of Cleages.

  1. A great way to end the series – except for that annoying plane! It kind of fit with their description of living by the railroad tracks though.

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