January 2, 1905 – Mother Ill and Homer In Hot Springs, Arkansas

Courtesy of Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library/University of Georgia Libraries. Click to enlarge.
Pearl Reed

Mr. Homer Jarrett
#9 Walnut St.
Hot Springs, Ark.

2730 Kenwood Ave
Ind, Ind.
Jan. 2nd/05

Mr. Jarrett;
Dear Homer,

Your letter was gladly received today.

I was very disappointed to find that the other one was for your mother instead of me. I would have sent it on to her but you never cared to tell me her address, but I shall send it as I send this to you. I wonder if she would be angry if she knew to whom it had been sent?

Homer you have no idea how much you are missed, of course you are not out very often, but, we knew that you were here.

Sorry you did not see Minnie and family they send their love to you. Did you see Wilson before you left? I heard that he was looking for you, but I did not see him myself.

Mother is very ill with tonsillitis. She is sorry that you left without telling her goodbye, and sends her love and best wishes to you.

I am growing sleepy Homer and I shall cease for this time. It is just 12:30 o’clock. All are asleep but me and mother.

O, Homer tell me all that happens will you? Remember nothing will be too trivial, for I shall be interested in all that you do and everything that happens to you.

Write very very soon.
Yours ever sincerely,
Pearl D. Reed


Wilson Mullins was Mr. James Mullins younger brother. He was a chef and owned a cafe for several years. I found several news items about him.