November 11, 1904 – Homer Advised Not to Visit

Courtesy of Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library/University of Georgia Libraries. Click to enlarge.
Pearl Reed

Homer Jarrett
426 Muskingun St. City

2730 Kenwood Ave.
November 11, 1904

Mr. Jarrett,
Dear friend,
your letter was received, of course and I was a little disappointed to learn that you would be unable to visit us for so long, but if McFadden advises it I am sure it is for the best. I shall expect to see a wonderful change in you, whenever we do meet, so much so that I shall feel like an insignificant, little minx beside you. I should so like to see you just as near perfection as is possible, Homer, truly.

We wanted you with us Thanksgiving, but I suppose that is impossible also. I think that Minnie will be home Xmas and we should like to have you out then if you could come. You want news but I know very little just now. It is near nine o’clock and I am going to cease worrying you, for I know that you are tired of this stuff, are you not?

Listen! I do not wish to interfere with your Culture Laws, Homer, so if you think it best, I shall not expect an answer from this, for a long time. I am following the instructions in the book which you sent but I do not expect to be perfect for it is not in me.



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  1. I always enjoy reading “self-help” articles and books. The language and focus has changed some across the years, but there are some enduring tidbits of wisdom in this article.

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