Saw horses

This photo first appeared on my blog in 2012 in a post about my grandparents magical yard. I used that post again in June of 2017.  This time I am only posting the picture of my sister looking glamorous and me looking worried as we stand next to our trusty mounts. Neither of us can remember where we went on those horses. I remember a pillow/saddle that was made of some shiney purple fabric. That may have been the one I am leaning on.

You can read the original post at “Poppy’s Garden 1953”

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20 thoughts on “Saw horses

  1. A perfect match to the prompt! And what’s more, those horses could take you anywhere in the world you wanted to go. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

  2. Love this photo of you and your sister…and your comfortable saddle 🙂 Interesting that there seems to be a swing set in the background, but you two are engaged in more creative play with your steeds.

  3. It sure was nice that our fathers/uncles/grandfathers had saw horses around. Not many do these days, and they aren’t built of 2x4s any more anyway…I wonder if the modern steel ones would be any good for horseback riding.

  4. It’s a delightful picture and I felt sure there was going to be one of your poems to acccompany it, with a play on the word ‘saw’.

  5. I would ride sawhorses but I also liked to wale the tight rope on them. I did fall once in awhile, if I could even get up on it. It is a great photo for the prompt.

    1. I am surprised you could ever get up on them – I would think the rope would sag – wait, maybe you walked along the “horses back”! I hope that’s it.

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