Gladys Cleage’s Marriage – Part 2

Geraldine Cleage Hill, Hildred Evans, Paul Payne, Dr. Albert B. Cleage Sr, Hugh Cleage, Barbara Cleage, Anna Cleage, Louis Cleage

Gladys wedding shorts2I found another two articles about Eddie Evans and Gladys Cleage.  This one tells a little more about what the happy couple was doing before the wedding. It also mentions more friends of the family, including Dr. Gamble and his wife who were old family friends of my grandparents. I came across my uncle Hugh’s birth certificate the other day and noticed that Dr. Gamble delivered him. He also signed the death certificate for my grandmother’s brother George Reed when he died in Detroit in 1945.  Dr. Gamble died later in 1948.  Here is a link to a speech my grandfather delivered at his funeral service.

Dr. Gamble in front of Freedman's Hospital. My grandparents on the steps.
Dr. Gamble in front of Freedman’s Hospital. My grandparents on the steps.

Click for Part 1 of the wedding story.

4 thoughts on “Gladys Cleage’s Marriage – Part 2

  1. Now this definitely caught my attention, “Co-workers of the bride from the Norval School honored her with a spinster party . . . ”
    I have never heard of anyone hosting a spinster party before. Is it the same as a non-routy bachelorette party? LOL!

    Great news overage of what was the society wedding of the season!

  2. Guest lists can be interesting and lead to new discoveries. I like that photo with your grandparents in the backdround.

  3. I love the
    picture of our grandparents in the background. Gammie looks so happy, young, and carefree. Grandpa is so handsome.

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