The 4th Wedding – Paul Payne and Betty Shreve

Paul, Betty seated, Maid of Honor, Best man - Louis Cleage
Paul Payne back left,  Betty Shreve Payne seated, Maid of Honor Doris Mae Shreve, Best man – Louis Cleage.

For the 4th and final wedding we celebrate the marriage of Paul Payne and Betty Ileen Shreve. They were long time family friends. Paul was born in Ohio but raised in Detroit. Betty was born in North Buxton, Canada.  North Buxton was settled in 1849 by formerly enslaved Black Americans. I was told years ago that Betty was related to the Shreve side of my family.  The Maid of Honor was Betty’s sister, Doris Mae Shreve. Unfortunately I do not recognized the Ring Bearer and Flower girl.  I do recognize Best Man Louis J. Cleage. Always the Best Man, never the groom. He was Best Man at 3 out of 4 of the weddings I’ve shared this month.  The wedding took place in Detroit on July 25, 1949.  Betty was 18 and Paul was 28.

How do they fit into my family tree? Betty Shreve Payne is the second cousin of my uncle Winslow Shreve who was married to my aunt Anna Cleage Shreve.

paul & betty
Posing with the wedding cake.
paul & doctors 1
Unfortunately I do not have descriptions of the gowns or flowers but they look lovely. Betty Shreve Payne on the left, unidentified woman in the middle and Betty’s older sister Doris Mae Shreve on the right.


Outside of the house. The little girl looks like a relation of Betty’s.


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20 thoughts on “The 4th Wedding – Paul Payne and Betty Shreve

    1. Thank you Camille. I had no idea I had so many beautiful wedding photographs in my collection until I started posting them this month. I even have a few I haven’t used yet and I’m going to save them until later.

  1. The men look very stylish in their white tuxedoes. Hopefully someone will see the photos and recognize the other attendants as their relatives.

    1. I think that your mother told me that she was a Shreve and that the different families often used the same names – Betty Shreve, Winslow’s sister and Betty Shreve Payne were an example. Probably during those walks we used to take. I remember Betty Payne walked with us or we with her around towards Warren’s once.

  2. Surely Betty’s maid of honor is her identical twin sister?!! In two different photographs with the two of them together, I cannot imagine that they are not at least sisters. But they look so much alike, I’m thinking they have to be identical twins?

  3. Betty Shreve is the daughter of Maceo Shreve b Buxton. Her sister Iris (we think) is the flower girl and in the picture with 3 ladies…one is Betty’s sister Doris

    Wonderful pictures .. thankyou for sharing

    1. Doris is Betty’s older sister. The flower girl is Betty’s younger sister Iris, ( that’s me)

  4. It’s so much fun to look at old wedding photos. The dresses are beautiful. I also enjoyed seeing the crepe paper decorations in the background. They bring back wonderful memories of decorating for events where I helped twist and string the crepe paper streamers.

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