Wedding – Gladys Helen Cleage and Eddie Warren Evans – 1948

I found the missing paragraphs online in The Detroit Tribune, April 3, 1948.

My father’s sister, Gladys Helen Cleage was married to Eddie Warren Evans on Thursday, March 25, 1948 at Plymouth Congregational Church by Rev. Horace White in Detroit, Michigan. There were descriptions of the wedding gown and of the brides maids gowns. Unfortunately the last several lines of the article have been lost to the passage of time so we have to guess at the color and particulars of the brides maids dresses.  It was mentioned that the grooms sister wore a violet gown. I wonder if the brides sister’s dresses were rose because the theme of roses and violets. But would they dress in rose and carry red roses?

The article misspelled Cleage as “Cleague” a few times, while also spelling it correctly several times. A typo made Paul’s last name of “Payne”, “Cayne”.

Geraldine Cleage Hill, Hildred Evans, Paul Payne, Dr. Albert B. Cleage Sr, Hugh Cleage, Barbara Cleage, Anna Cleage, Louis Cleage.
Plymouth Congregational Church Garfield and
Plymouth Congregational Church, the original building on the East side of Detroit.


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11 thoughts on “Wedding – Gladys Helen Cleage and Eddie Warren Evans – 1948

  1. They make a BEAUTIFUL couple! This wedding definitely sounds like it was the Spring Event for the year in that church and community. This is a great memento in your family collection!

  2. She was gorgeous and he looks so dapper in that morning coat? or cut-away? Too bad we can’t see the skirt that is vividly described. I wonder what redingote means and can you imagine pleats out of sheer organdy?

    1. I googled it and it seems to be based on a woman’s riding coat. The wedding dresses that were described as “redingote” had an over-dress open down the front showing a dress underneath. Looking at the photo, it seems that my aunt might have been wearing a jacket that matched her dress based on the redingote style, sort of with tails.

  3. Those bridal reporters certainly had to know their fashions! I had no idea about what redingote meant either. Shame part of the article seems to be missing. A lovely photo of the happy couple.

  4. It sounds as if the three wedding party gals were all wearing violet dresses – the difference between the bridesmaids and the maid of honor being the bouquets they carried? Too bad that part of the article was left off – but how lucky to have the rest including the photo of the elegant couple.

  5. They called Eddie Warren at one point too, nevertheless a fantastically detailed description. The dress sounds beautiful.

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