Unknown Wedding Photograph


I found this photograph in my box of Cleage photographs. I have no idea who they are, however I am going to use them on the second Saturday of our month long Sepia Saturday Wedding prompt.

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22 thoughts on “Unknown Wedding Photograph

  1. It looks like they just turned away from the officiating clergy and are beginning their married life together. I agree that it’s a charming image.

  2. What a wonderful photograph. The Bride’s wedding gown is lovely – simplicity in its lines, but so elegant. Based on her bridesmaid’s dress – also simple in line but a perfect partner to the wedding gown – and headdress, it would appear this was a wedding in the late 1950s or early ’60s. And it does look as if the couple is married and ready to start up the aisle to Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March”, perhaps, just as soon as the bride retrieves her bouquet from her bridesmaid/Maid of Honor.

  3. The unknown bride looks happy. I’ve worn my mother’s pearls to the weddings of two of our children, but not many other times I have to admit. I think my mother wore them often.

    1. My mother received them as a wedding gift from an aunt and wore them on her wedding day, naturally. They say pearls improve with wear!

  4. Lovely photograph – I think the 60’s. Pearls were almost obligatory back then. Often given as an 18th or 21st birthday gift from parents.

  5. What a lovely picture! They make the perfect couple. It’s too bad that you don’t rest of their story, but I’m looking forward to seeing where you go when you do the wedding prompt.

  6. This is indeed a lovely wedding photo that I hope someone (family member or friend) surfing the world-wide-web will see this photo

    You know the idea of someone seeing this photo and contacting you with the names of the couple just reminded me of the Friend of Friends Friday Blogging Prompt that was very popular among the African American bloggers some years ago. I think when I find photos and other information I come across in my research, I am going to have to posting that information like you have done here too!

  7. Looks like the bride and bridesmaid are checking to make sure she isn’t stepping on her dress hem. The whole party is elegant.

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