A-Z Challenge Reveal for 2015

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This is my 3rd year to participate in the A-Z Challenge.  In 2013, I jumped around and covered a variety of topics and people related to my family history research. Last year I used my Grandfather Albert B. Cleage’s letters to my grandmother during the years of their courtship and immediately after they were married covering 1909 to 1911.

This year I will tell the story of the formerly enslaved Cleages of Athens Tennessee. Only a few were my relatives, but all were part of the community that my Ancestors belonged to, both before and after slavery.  Most of the people I will write about were slaves before 1865.   A few will be their descendents. Although I have more than enough names to get through the whole month, there are lots of those that start with “A” and “C” and none that start with Q, U,X, Y or Z.  Perhaps a name will appear. Otherwise I will find a topic relevant to the months posts starting with the letter and blog that.

17 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Reveal for 2015

  1. Good to see you taking part again, Kristin, as I remember your last year’s challenge contributions. I look forward to reading your posts next month.

  2. Very interesting theme! I would imagine it would be hard to find names for those tricky letters of the alphabet since even today there aren’t lots of names that feature those letters! Good luck with your theme!


    1. I have enjoyed your themes the past 2 years and the Epic theme for this year sounds like another good one! I will be following.

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