G is for Graduation


My grandparents - Albert B. Cleage & Pearl D. Reed in 1909.
My grandparents – Albert B. Cleage & Pearl D. Reed in 1909.

For this year’s April A-Z Challenge I am blogging everyday using items taken from the letters written by my grandfather to my grandmother from 1907 to 1912, starting with “A” and moving right through the alphabet to “Z” during April.


I’m not sure why my grandfather Albert sent this card with the child graduate and no message. His own graduation from Medical school was still 8 months away.  He is using a different address, so perhaps this was a test card to make sure it arrived safely, away from the hostile eyes of Pearl’s mother.  Her mother was opposed to their relationship.

13 thoughts on “G is for Graduation

  1. What a beautiful card. I love cards like that. I think as time has gone by we’ve lost some artistic quality to our cards and the beauty of handwriting a note.

  2. I love seeing these old postcards – this one is particularly special.

    Interesting idea to send a test postcard. 🙂

  3. Oh intrigue with that card! Interesting theory. Or maybe it was a secret message to meet at graduation, letting the picture do the talking.

  4. Kristin,

    Your grandparents looked like a well matched couple. Why was your grandmother’s mother opposed to the relationship?

  5. This just gets better! You are so fortunate to have these signs of life <3 well lived <3

  6. Love the Old Postcard. Wonder what the ABC# was about? Love the old Photo! and can’t wait to hear why Pearl’s Mother was opposed.

  7. The card is really mysterious. Maybe he just happened to have this card lying around his home, and sent it with his initials to let her know that he was thinking about her. I have lots of miscellaneous greeting cards that I purchased over the years but never sent. When I bought them I had the best intentions of sending but ending up forgetting them or being too, busy. I’m always looking for other occasions where I might be able to use the cards.

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