Y is for Young Albert


"Pearl Cleage and baby Albert"
Pearl Reed Cleage and baby Albert. 1911.

For this year’s April A-Z Challenge I am blogging everyday using items taken from the letters written by my grandfather to my grandmother from 1907 to 1912, starting with “A” and moving right through the alphabet to “Z” during April.

W is for wishing 7/11/1911

Did not forget you were 4 weeks old yesterday and tomorrow you will be 1 month.  My but you are getting old fast.


Below is the birth announcement that appeared in the column “Society Gossip”

Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 6.48.57 PM



5 thoughts on “Y is for Young Albert

  1. Oh gosh, I love that note from Papa. 🙂 And what a beautiful photograph.

    Your grandparents did pretty well in the gossip column – could have been worse. haha.

    1. I love that card too. He wrote one to my cousin when he was a baby and I wonder if he wrote me one that didn’t get saved. I like to think he did.

      My grandparents are mentioned quite a bit in the gossip column – for my grandmother’s singing and my grandfather’s speaking. A few for entertaining or traveling. His graduation, their marriage and the birth of my father. Then they moved. I found no negative mentions 🙂

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