Canvas of Memories – 1966 – 1974

book+of+me+adI did this “map” of my life during the years from 1966 to 1974 several years ago. The original is on a piece of stretched canvas 18 inches by 24 inches. At one time it had something painted on it but I covered that with Gesso, then ran off contact sheets with photos, drawings, writings and other material from that time. I wrote dates and thoughts that I would understand, although others might not. I blacked and whited out some stuff and that’s it. The prompt for The Book of Me this week is “Memory Board”.


Here are some links to other posts written about that time period.

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3203 Glendale Avenue, 1970

2600 Cascade Road SW 1972 – 1974

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  1. The “Ancestor Approved” really resonates. I was so afraid to tell a story never told. It was finally approved by the ancestors in 2001, with the documentary and trip that followed to our ancestral land, Aguas Calientes and San Luis Potosi , Mexico, in 2004. The way you write and the stories you share are so filled with love and honor! So glad to read them, so glad you do this!

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