“The Star and The Stable” Dec. 11, 1966


As Christmas approaches, I remember my father’s sermons from that time of year. Here is the Sunday Bulletin for Sunday, December 11, 1966, the sermon notes, a flyer for an evening program held the same day and one of the songs sung by the Choir that day at Central United Church of Christ, Detroit. And right beneath this paragraph, the audio of the actual sermon. 

The Star and the stable. The sermon preached.
sermon pg 1
sermon pg 2
sermon pg 3
sermon pg 4

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17 thoughts on ““The Star and The Stable” Dec. 11, 1966

  1. Your father’s sermon still has impact on the listener, me the reader. I feel like I have been to church. Each of us is special no matter our condition. Amen.

    1. I wish I had that particular sermon on tape so I could post it. I do have some on tapes and cds but they are likely to run an hour so I haven’t recorded and posted any yet.

  2. I was so moved by your father’s notes. His sermons still apply today. I can see myself in church receiving his powerful message. Thank you for sharing his notes.

  3. I’m sure my Daddy would put a few Well’s!!!!! in there, and some Amen’s! Love his handwriting. “Each one of us is “Special”.

  4. Love those notes and how they still and will always apply. Thanks as always for posting and sharing .

  5. Prophetic & timely your Father understood — our accountability is now. It’s not what we talk about. It about what we do. “It is not what God did 2000 — but what God can do today — using us — as his instruments” ~ Rev. Albert B. CLEAGE

  6. I only had the opportunity to see/hear/appreciate your father once. He, by then, was near the end of this phase of his life. I don’t even know what made me go to the Church of the Black Madonna that morning, though I love and respect all of the Gods and understand my limited place in this grand universe, I find little comfort in most churches.
    So as the services preceding the sermon went on, I kept looking at your father, and wondering, what on earth is he going to say. Though he seemed good and kind enough, I was not prepared for his “big” spirit. I can’t say that I remember the sermon….but I will always remember the sound, power and “feeling” of his voice. I remember thinking “what manner of man is this”…….his sermon was one of the most memorable christian experiences of my life. And now to find that his grandchildren are blood of my blood! God, life and genealogy……whew!

      1. This is the religion I remember. This was so refreshing to what I believe, and uplifting. My beliefs are still intact. Thanks for the reinforcement. I printed this, passing on to my children, less they forget

  7. What a wonderful post, Kristin. I can only imagine what if must have been like to also have the full experience of hearing your father’s words as part of a service, and Shirley’s memory does help my imagination.

  8. What an amazing post. I loved reading the handwritten notes ( beautiful handwriting too) and I had not heard such analogies being drawn with the star and the stable before. I wish you and your family many ‘stars’in your lives! Happy Christmas from Ireland.

    1. He had beautiful handwriting and he could cut a stencil (if you remember those old blue stencils for mimeograph machines) freehand beautifully too. Amazing. He taught himself, as far as I know.

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