A letter to my grandmother Fannie

I am sharing a letter from Victor Tulane to my grandmother Fannie after her family moved up from Montgomery to Detroit.  Soon after she and my grandfather bought a house her mother and her two sisters joined them.  They had two children under 5 and my mother was on the way.  Read more about Victor Tulane here and about my grandmother here.
"Letter to Fannie Graham from Victor Tulane."
Letter to Fannie Graham from Victor Tulane

Rents Collected                                                                                     Homes Bought       Loans Negotiated                                                                                         And Sold 
Estates Managed

Telephone 388
                                                                                                      Montgomery, ALA.,        Nov. 23, 1922

Dear Fannie,
I am enclosing check from this M.R. & Ins. Co; for ten dollars which the sec’y should have mailed you some time ago.

We are winding up the affairs of this company and will send you another payment on stock acct. pretty soon.  I think that the company will be able to pay off it’s stock holders dollar for dollar.

I trust this will find all well and getting along nicely.

Your mother’s things were shipped yesterday.  Trust they will arrive on time and in first class condition.  Remember me to all the folks.  Tell the kids hello!
Let us have a line from you when convenient.

Your Uncle,


2 thoughts on “A letter to my grandmother Fannie

  1. how come your grand mother, Fannie, was getting a check from her Uncle? And what is the relationship between Victor Tulane and Fannie Graham?


  2. Apparently she owned stock in a company, M.R. and Insurance Company. He's sending her money on her investment as the company 'winds up it's affairs".

    Victor Tulane was married to Fannie's Aunt, Willie Lee Allen. Fannie also managed Victor Tulane's grocery store for years before she married my grandfather in 1918.

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