Idlewild 1945 – En route to Springfield

My Aunt Gladys sent word this weekend that my parents did, indeed, spend some time in Michigan before moving on to Springfield.  These photographs are in an album and labeled “En Route to Springfield.” Most of them were taken in Idlewild, at my Uncle Louis’ cottage. There were only a couple taken in Detroit, all of my cousin Dee Dee and her mother, Mary Vee in my Graham grandparents yard. My father may have been taking the photographs in Idlewild, because he doesn’t appear in any of them. Henry and Hugh are not in the photos because, I suppose, they were still on the farm.

Grandfather Dr. Albert B. Cleage Sr.
Grandmother Pearl Reed Cleage











My mother Doris, Aunt Gladys, Lillian Payne (family friend), Aunt Barbara, Aunt Anna
Uncle Louis, Aunt Gladys, my mother Doris in the boat “Sassy Suzy”
Idlewild, Mich. 1945 Anna, Doris, Gladys, Louis, Paul, Barbara
Idlewild, Mich. 1945 Doris, Anna, Lillian Payne. Lillian was Paul and George Payne’s sister.
My mother, Doris
The Idlewild Clubhouse
In Detroit my cousin Dee Dee reads to her mother Aunt Mary Vee Elkins

9 thoughts on “Idlewild 1945 – En route to Springfield

  1. Forgive me for saying so, but I had no idea that Card. Nandi (Barbara) had such great legs!

    What a beautiful family! These photos are wonderful. Great context, too. Boy, Kris, what a nice belated birthday gift to your Mom.

  2. I do run out of adjectives for your posts, Kristin. All I’ll say is these are a joy to see as the snow falls today. I can feel the sun and the warmth. Just beautiful.

    1. It’s pretty chilly here too and I would just love to be submerged in Lake Idlewild on a hot summer day right now. It wouldn’t hurt to be 20 either.

    1. It’s a black resort about half an hour east of Ludington, MI, 5 hours from Chicago and 4 hours from Detroit. It’s a hard place to live, not many jobs etc. etc. but a great place to vacation. I used to go up in the summer when I was growing up to the same cottage in the photos above and we lived there for over 20 years when my kids were growing up. and I am lucky with the photos!

  3. It seems like everytime I see one of your posts, the first thing that comes to mind is amazing pictures! You always have amazing pictures.

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