8 thoughts on “Pearl, Idlewild 1953

  1. Dear Kris,

    Only you would come up with a “Wordless Wednesday,” and all of your readers, including me, are blessed by it. Gosh, God really gave you a marvelous creative sensibility, which the years seem to only enhance. Have you always felt fortunate to have these wonderful gifts?

    I have the honor to remain

    Your Li’l Bro’,


      1. Actually, that’s my middle name: Paul Effusive-Lee!

        But I meant every word that I wrote about your creativity, and you still haven’t answered my question. (Smile.)

        1. No, I didn’t. I wasn’t outstanding in my family and in my day to day life, I just tried to be invisible to the best of my ability because I just felt weird. Until I got to Wayne, but invisibility was a habit by then.

  2. Wow. That’s a fascinating exchange with your brother who sees your art so fully, as you, it seems, did not, though I hope you do now. You have so much art! I, too, am blessed by it. And that is a fantastic photograph, curated by your eye. Thank you.

    1. Paul isn’t my brother by birth but we have worked closely on so many things, most involving my family history and Detroit, that he’s my brother in that way. And thank you, Angella for enjoying what I do.

  3. In 1950-70 I was raised in the summer months at 16648 Lake Dr, Idlewild, MI. 1940’s my grandparents built our cottage several doors over from Mr and Mrs Hayes, Mr Perry only had allot for his dock, and fishing. The Williams year round home was next to Mr. Perry. Next to the Hayes home were the Jacks family from Chicago, IL.
    Thank you for all the beautiful family memories of Idlewild, MI. Does your family have a home on the right side of the road going toward the post office? There were allot of our family with my grandparents Rev. James and Evelyn Reeves, My five aunts, and my mother was the second youngest is Ms. Goodwin, and 26 grandchildren across the street on Lake Drive. My grandparents and my uncles Thomas and Cornelius Dennis built two homes one on Lake Drive our family the Reeves cottage, and the Dennis cottage on the other side of the lake across from the small skating ring near Paradise lake. I look forward to meeting your family after I’ve moved to either Idlewild or Baldwin, MI the end of 2013 through May 2014.

    1. Hi Debra,
      My cousin has a place across from the old fire hall. We moved from Idlewild 6 years ago and we don’t get up there any more. It’s too far from where we now live. I do miss it. We lived on what is now S. Payne Drive. My uncle Louis used to have a cottage next to the Idlewild Lot Owners Club house but someone else lives there now.

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