More About The Mystery Couple

  Mary Agnes and her husband.

"George and Velma Payne"
George and Velma Payne

My Aunts both identified the woman in this photo as Mary Agnes Miller and the man as George Payne.  He appeared in this blog earlier with his brother Paul and my uncle Hugh here.  One of my aunts says that Mary Agnes was very striking, and a nice person. The guys fell over each other over her. She had beautiful skin and  although Mary didn’t act like a diva, people treated her like one. My aunt attended Wayne State University with both Mary Agnes and George.

My other cousin wrote “Mom said that Mary Agnes married  Ed Davis. He was the first black owner of a car dealership, Studabakers. So, you might be able to google some information on him. Mom also said that Mary was very active in the Delta sorority. Hope that lets you dig further. :).”  You can see the type of reputation I have among family members – I ask questions and then google people.  I did google him and came up with quite a few articles and photographs.  His life was very interesting.  The link under the photo will take you to one article as well as being the source of the photo.

George Payne was Paul’s brother. He was not cool, my aunt said, but was goofy and very nice.  I tried googling George with no luck, but I did find his wedding photograph in the family photo box. I really need to scan the rest of those photos and mount them in an album.  I remember his wife Velma who was a librarian at the Oakman branch library where I used to go as a child.  The book I remember best from that library is “Bed knob and Broomstick: or How to be a Witch in 10 Easy Lessons.”  Velma Payne died this year I found when I googled  “Velma Payne Detroit Public Library” (without the quotes) and a Detroit Retired City Employees newsletter with deaths by month came up.

Both aunts agreed that the original photograph was not taken at the Meadows but do not recognize where it was taken.


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  1. Mavis, then someone posted on my fb page more about her and when I googled I found a wealth of information about her too. I'm expecting the person to come post here today so keep tuned!

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